Multifunctionele Wekker LED Dot Matrix Animatie Effecten DIY Kit Geschenken

This is a multi-functional DIY clock kit, built-in 15 menu settings, you can set a variety of different functions through touch buttons. For example,the brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the environment, you can wake up the clock by voice, but also can be set according to different preferences Show time-division(Hour:Minute:Second) mode or hour-by-minute(Hour:Minute) mode, each also added a variety of animation effects, as well as countdown, backlight effects, birthday reminders, also added 16 common holiday reminder. Increased practicality, better functionality, and black translucent acrylic make the clock look more concise.

Built-in touch key for easy operation.
Large LED display to clearly show time, temperature, date, week, etc.
Uses DS3231 high accuracy clock chip(with temperature compensation), it can still accurately travel time after powered by backup battery. 
Special dot matrix design, reminding important festivals and alarm clock function.
The font, the time mode, the display effect and the animation effect can be switched freely.
°C/°F selectable for temperature, 12H/24H time display mode.
Can automatically adjust the brightness according to ambient light or specify it.
Includes voice control and countdown function.
With transparent case, components can be well protected.
With a power cable, it is convenient for clock power supply.

Material: FR4
Display Color: White / Red / Blue / Green(Optional)
Power Supply: USB Interface
Dot Matrix Size(1pc): 2.8 * 4.2cm / 1.10 * 1.65in
Acrylic Board Size(1pc): 16.6 * 4.2cm / 6.54 * 1.65in
Package Size: Approx. 17 * 11 * 3.5cm / 6.69 * 4.33 * 1.38in
Package Weight: Approx. 146g / 5.15oz

This product is easy to install, but If you do not know how to install, welcome to contact us to send user installation manual.

Package include:
1 * Digital Alarm Clock Kit
1 * USB Cable